Let the Good Times Roll!

Let the Good Times Roll!

The call I’ve been hoping for just came.  The excitement forced me to pause in my prose and dance in celebration with my team.  I’ve just been told that my little office – “Team Z” – won the coveted title of “Best of Zionsville” in the annual reader-poll by the Zionsville Times Sentinel.  The paper runs this contest annually, first asking for nominations from the readers, then publicizing the nominees in print and online for votes on several dozen categories from best chiropractor to school lunches.

This news has made me giddy!  Of course, I believe my office to be the best; but getting the public to embrace that is a huge testament to how hard we have worked since we opened.  For we are not the oldest, largest, nor most established office in our fair burg; but our neighbors have seen fit to name us “The BEST!”

There are those who might have thought it crazy to open a brick and mortar real estate office, from scratch, in a highly competitive market, at the kick-off of the “real estate recession” (we opened our doors in March, 2007).  But we ignored it, kept our focus, turned off the negative news and sold some houses – a lot of them, actually!  We sold homes in Zionsville, Carmel, Indianapolis, Fishers, Brownsburg, Avon and Plainfield.  We even sold a church in Peru!

The truth is that my team did work hard, but we also worked smart and with success because our parent company provided us with the tools to do our jobs more effectively.  And our clients and their neighbors saw the results of our Home Marketing System® and our agents’ skills; and, when they trusted Team Z to manage their real estate needs, we delivered.  And the word spread.  And our market share is growing daily. 

But back up a bit…notice I said that we “sold some houses?”  Indeed!  The market was NOT dead in 2009 – it was just different.”   Houses sold, banks lent, buyers bought and people moved – all year.  And they will in 2010 and 2011 and 2012, too. 

The Federal Government muddled around in the housing industry this year and came up with some good incentives and some crazy policies, but the overall impact seems to have produced the desired result with a hint of recovery on the horizon.  The local market stats in 2009 were up, down, up, down, up, down all year.  Our upper management described the lack of a trend as “bouncing along the bottom.”  It seems we’ve clearly hit bottom, and now we’re riding the waves to see at which level the market will stabilize. 

It’s been a rough ride, but we have survived, sustained and even prepared to take advantage of the recovery.  At Carpenter Realtors, we believe, cautiously, that recovery is here; and we are certainly preparing to seize opportunity.  We are about to unroll some new technological programs this spring that will put us light years ahead of our competition from a home marketing standpoint.  Plans are on paper for a new office building in Zionsville, and we hope to break ground by year’s end.  We are in growth mode, full steam ahead!

Personally, I’m welcoming the New Year, though I can’t complain about my sales success last year.  Eight-two percent (82%) of my total sales volume came from repeat clients and referrals from you guys!  THANK YOU!  I ended the year ranked 4th company-wide out of 700+/- agents.  I decreased my average days on market and increased my average net to seller – two measurements I use to monitor my development as an experienced, professional negotiator.  And I certainly learned a few things about managing transactional crisis!  Now, I figure that surviving “the worst since…” ought to earn one the right to dream big!

My goals for 2010 reflect my optimism for market growth.  I wish to close $9.2M in residential real estate this year and delight 48 buyers and sellers en route to the closing table. 

Will you help me reach my goals?  Do you know someone who would like to move this year?  How about your own family?  Is this the year you wish to make a housing change?  Have you wondered how much more house you might be able to buy in the current lending environment?  Let’s talk about it!  Have your friends call me if they’d like to talk about it, too.  A full understanding of the Federal tax credits for both first-time buyers and move-up buyers is advantageous for anyone even thinking about a move this year.  I can help you decipher it!

How about a career change?  I am so cautiously optimistic in the housing markets’ recovery that I believe individuals willing to educate themselves and put their work ethic into action can position themselves for a beautiful real estate career by getting started right now.  We train, equip and mentor better than any other brokerage in this market, and I’ll even set aside a desk for you while you’re in real estate school.  Please send anybody my way who might be thinking about a career transition!

If you wish to explore whether this is your time to get into the housing market or the real estate profession, give me a call.  We’ll talk about your options.  You can sell.  You should buy.  You can make a living in this business.  Stop listening to the media, talk to a professional!  “The market is not dead…..”  Will you help me spread the word that this IS a great time to buy or sell?! 

If a move or a career change are the last things on your mind, don’t forget that I want to be your housing resource.  Hit my website at www.JenniferBlandford.com for a wealth of discounts on everything from auto repair, electronics, furniture, household services and more.  It’s called Pinpoint Perks, there’s a link on my home page, and it’s a new service that I have subscribed to as a valuable resource for my friends and family.  Also, friend me @ Facebook.com/JenniferBlandfordZionsville so we can stay in touch!

I hope this proves to be the best year yet for you and your loved ones.  My cell phone is always at my side, and I’d love to hear from you…317-847-2695.


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