I Showed a Piece of Zionsville’s History Today

She sits just north of the bend on Elm Street and keeps a watchful eye on the town’s famed golf course.  She has watched Zionsville change and grow over the years; watched new construction pop up all around her.  She stands today 110 years young and as fabulous now, as she was then.  615 N Elm in the Village of Zionsville is just beautiful to an old-house afficianado like myself.  Now, I’m not talking about a Victorian showplace, but a type of classic charm that falls somewhere between totally liveable and totally guttable.  Beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder.  She is beautiful in her solid character and inviting style.  At minimum, she will need a facelift, (strip some wallpaper, change some paint, update some cabinetry), but she still has those original floors…and the trimwork…and the huge windows…and some random brick flooring that I find very charming.  One endearing feature is her lot size!  It’s over 1/2 acre, and trust me, that’s a big one for being in-town.  If you’re looking for a classic, maybe a project, definitely a way to love where you live…call me to see this one.  I showed it today to one who appreciated her style, but not her size.  Just a bit too big, but we both loved her!   Would you?  $320,000; 4 bedrooms, .64 acres.   Call me if you’d like to see her, too. 


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