A Trip Around the World

Tomorrow I get to show homes from Brownsburg to Noblesville, seriously.  I may even end up in Greenwood this weekend – same clients.  That’s what happens when a client works in the center of Indy and doesn’t mind a commute to the suburbs.  But the thing that pervades my thoughts on this matter is how blessed I’ve been to have been exposed to the entire western half of Indy – from Greenwood to Noblesville – in my adult years.   I used to work on the southside in college and spent my lunch hours driving around, just exploring, getting to know a part of town that I’d probably never been to prior to taking that summer job.  I grew up in Brownsburg, so I burned a lot of gas learning to drive in Hendricks County.  Years later, my real estate career placed me in Pike Township, the heart of the northwest side of Marion County, where I cut my teeth on Indiana real estate.  And, then, in 2007,  I moved my business to Zionsville and quickly soaked up the northside.  All of this makes me a very well-rounded realtor, and I rarely get lost and I have a vast familiarity with those markets!   So, happy househunting to us tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll post about  a sale by week’s end!


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