Convenient condo living at an incredible value

Imagine how you might enjoy a little extra money in your pocket each month when your housing expenses to own are less than they would be in rent for a comparable property?  What a financial benefit with virtually no maintenance expenses to fear!  How much money in income taxes could you recapture from the IRS with your new ability to claim mortgage interest deductions annually?  How much freedom would you feel, knowing you can just lock it up and travel with no concern for snow removal or lawn maintenance, with no need to worry about the condition of the roof or the exterior?  What book would you read poolside on a warm summer day, knowing somebody else will be cleaning that pool while you get the benefits from it?  How safe might you feel living among neighbors who care about the condition of the development’s grounds and who protect the values of their units by adherence to the covenants & restrictions in place?  This is condo living.  It’s easy.  It’s affordable.  It can be yours!  And with this particular unit, all you need to do is move your furniture in.  Because it has new carpet, new paint and a full appliance package – check out the visual tour below for photos of this great deal!

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