SOLD! 175 North Main, Zionsville

175 N Main

For 110 years this notable bungalow has housed countless memories for multiple generations on Main Street. But it showed its age. It was worn out, and some whispered that it should have been bulldozed to make way for a mansion with a view down the brick street. Jennifer’s neighbors fretted over how long the iconic flag on the front porch would wave. Village locals expressed concern over its future with significant structural and cosmetic repairs required to make it habitable again. Jennifer feared for its future, too, knowing she could not control its destiny. And she did not want to see one thing change on Zionsville’s picturesque Main Street.

94 days later, Jennifer secured the future of this historic home by successfully completing a sale to an investor group with grand plans to renovate and resell the house, keeping its historic character and existing footprint! Village residents will be delighted when they see the renovated home evolve from the construction dust. 175 N. Main will see a new chapter in its story with a new family in 2011!

When you are looking for the perfect ending to your own housing saga, trust Jennifer to write it for you.


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