SOLD – 4562 Summersong Road

Finally! Every now and then I encounter an unusual challenge, but the sale of 4562 Summersong Road had to be the most challenging in my decade in the business.  There was no real reason why the sale of this home was such an exercise in persistence.  It was lovely, large, located in the always-popular Ravinia subdivision and priced well by anyone’s opinion, but sometimes it just takes a lot of creativity to locate the “right” buyer and a lot of patience.  In this case, it took 88 showings before that one ready, willing and able buyer came along in January.  I never gave up on it, and my clients never gave up on me.  Along the way we tried a variety of different marketing tactics, more open houses than can be counted, and shared a lot of exasperated laughs.  Good thing, it finally did close in February.  And for all its challenges, I know the new owners will love their beautiful new home and their wonderful neighbors, and the sellers of Summersong can finally close that chapter in their life.

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