Road trip!

My mother always said: “if you get slow in this business, plan a trip.”. Well, truth is, I’m never really slow…always busy…but she is right, never the less, (as mothers usually are). If there’s a trip ahead, my phone’s gonna blow up! Today I received calls from two referrals for new listings and three new clients wanting to buy, and everybody wants me NOW. So, I was at the office until 9pm tonight and will probably be tomorrow, too, just so I can head to Kansas City Friday night for my hubby’s grandma’s 90th birthday party. Well, I say, bring it all on, spring. I’m a good juggler, and I’m never too busy, but grandma is priority this weekend. Besides, I’m never far away between the cell, laptop and iPad. I even have one of those plugs for the cigarette lighter that runs my laptop. A 8 hour car ride is welcome, now. Let’s roll…


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