JUST SOLD – 8134 Brookmont Court, Indianapolis

John and Rick had worked hard for years to be in a position to buy a home. But not just any home. They wanted a first-floor condo in a specific building of a specific development on the NW side.  Family lived nearby, and so location was priority.  So they waited…until they reconnected with Jennifer on Facebook.  John told her his goals, but there were no active listings that fit the bill.  Jennifer had a mission, and she does love a good challenge.  She looked long and hard until she found a tenant-occupied property with an out-of-state owner who was tired of being a landlord, and she presented an offer for John and Rick on the unit in January, which was ultimately accepted after a couple counters.  And then they waited, while the tenants lived out their lease.  In July, the tenants moved out and John and Rick moved-in, and now they’re joyfully painting and updating their first home on the first floor of the very building in the very complex they had desired. Missionimpossible?  Not for Jennifer.


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