SOLD!! 3416 Catalpa, Indianapolis

Bob needed a change.  He found himself single again, bunking with a friend on the southside, and he was ready for a place to call his own.  He needed a good-sized yard for his dog, Daisy, and a nice-sized garage where he could tinker with his furniture-making hobby.  Jennifer suggested a neighborhood on the northwest side with easy access to 465 for his commute, and found a sprawling ranch with a fenced double lot and a very convenient screened-in porch. Only a few cosmetic changes were called for, and Bob wanted a project.  An excellent price was struck, an attractive loan secured, and Bob and Daisy took possession last month.  Jennifer hears the dog is ecstatic with her new digs, and Bob reports progress on the furniture-making already.

SOLD! 2419 Prestwick Court, Lebanon

2419 Prestwick Court

Matt and Holly each had a house to sell from their single days before they could buy a home together as newlyweds.  Jennifer was responsible for the house in Whitestown, another agent was responsible for the house on the south side.  Jennifer sold Whitestown first, which meant Matt and Holly would have to choose:  move forward and buy in a leap of faith or go into temporary housing until the other house sold.  They chose a combination of both, and Jennifer helped them negotiate early possession of their dream house while they jumped through hoops for their loan and worked closer to a sale of the house down south.  Moving day came for Matt and Holly.  And in the interim, the house down south was sold, too!  Matt and Holly are delighted in their new place.  And the lesson learned is that faith works.

SOLD! 6129 Green Glade Drive, Whitestown

The hope of a new home was fading for Matt and Holly.  Foreclosures were popping up in their neighborhood every week.  New construction was going in across the street.  Holly’s stunning starter home now seemed like a trap to the newlyweds who were eager to purchase a new home together.  They were about to give up, when Jennifer called with word of a GOOD showing the night before.  “What do we have to do to get an offer?” Holly asked?  Jennifer made some calls, worked some numbers, chatted with the showing agent, and a few days later the deal was done and a closing date set.  Now, Holly and Matt could start the hunt for their first home together.  But THAT is another story for Jennifer to share…. 

SOLD! 3494 Limesprings Lane, Whitestown

Gnolta called Jennifer out of the blue one afternoon.  She said:  “I see your signs everywhere in our neighborhood, and all those houses seem to have sold.  Can you help me?”  Jennifer scheduled an appointment and went to work trying to figure out why the home hadn’t sold in the time it had been on the market with another broker.  When she arrived to meet with Gnolta, she was surprised at how clean and well organized the home was, and what a lovely, sunny family room it had.  Yet, she soon learned that few prospective buyers had seen it while it was on the market earlier in the year.  Jennifer tweaked the price and implemented Carpenter’s exclusive Home Marketing System.  A few months later, she had a deal.  It took a while to close, but both buyer and seller were patient.  In the end, the deal was done.  Gnolta moved on, and the new owner is happily setting up home in her sunny, new house.

JUST SOLD – 6429 Woodhaven Court, Avon

Bryson called out of the blue one Saturday afternoon with an air of excitement in his tone.  “Remember that house in the country we looked at a couple years ago?”  Of course, Jennifer remembered the stunning, historic brick farmhouse.  “Amber and I want to buy it.”  He’d had to let it go when he fell in love with it back in 2007, but it had never left his mind.  And when the sign went up in early 2011…Bryson knew it was for him.  The pressure was on to sell his current home.  There was carpet to install, painting to be done, a basement to finish…and FAST…before he missed out on the farmhouse again!  He worked day and night while Jennifer went to work on a marketing and pricing strategy that would do the trick.  And an acceptable offer was received in just 26 days that offered Bryson enough equity for a down payment on the dream farmhouse.  Both deals closed on schedule, and Bryson has moved on to greener pastures.

JUST SOLD – 1511 Continental Drive, Zionsville

New job opportunities in Texas forced the sign in the yard on this one, and the clock was ticking toward a 60-day deadline for the move.  These anxious homeowners HAD to sell and buy in Texas within a 60-day window or the terms of their generous relocation packaged changed dramatically.  Competition was fierce in the neighborhood.  The dog-days of summer were upon us.  Deadlines loomed.  Jennifer helped them develop a pricing strategy that was designed to protect their equity, but aggressive enough to outsell the competition also on the market.  And it worked.  An acceptable offer was received within 40 days and the moving trucks rolled toTexas exactly on schedule.