SOLD! 746 E County Road 400 S, Clayton

Bryson called out of the blue one Saturday afternoon with an air of excitement in his tone.  “Remember that house in the country we looked at a couple years ago?”  Of course, Jennifer remembered the stunning, historic brick farmhouse.  “Amber and I want to buy it!”  He’d had to let it go when he fell in love with it back in 2007, but it had never left his mind.  And when the sign went up in early 2011…Bryson knew it was for him.  The pressure was on to sell his current home.  He worked day and night to prepare it for the market while Jennifer developed a pricing strategy that would offer a quick sale with enough equity to buy the farmhouse.  And she began the delicate negotiations on the farmhouse, which resulted in an incredible purchase price and easy terms.  In 26 days, an offer was received on house #1, which enabled them to pend the farmhouse, and all closed on time 30 days later.  The only hiccup in that deal came from the new baby who arrived in the middle of it all, but Bryson now gets to rock his baby girl from the front porch at green acres.


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