15 Reasons List a Home for Sale in November & December

I hear it all the time:  “We’re going to wait til after the first of the year to sell our home.”  Why?  Have you really thought that through?  Here are some interesting FACTS why NOW is a better time to sell than in January.

1) There is LESS COMPETITION for buyers now.
2) Winter buyers are MORE SERIOUS buyers.
3) Your home SHOWS BETTER during the holidays.  Who doesn’t love the cozy ambiance of a decorated tree and stockings on the mantle?
4) One of the highest percentages of “listings SOLD” vs “listings taken” occur during this time of year.
5) You may receive MORE MONEY for your home now due to less competition and motivated buyers.
6) Don’t think it’ll be too inconvenient.  Buyers understand your need to restrict showings during the holidays.  For heaven’s sake, nobody expects you to forego Christmas morning festivities so they can see your house!
7) Buyers have more time to look for homes during the holidays due to school breaks and vacation time.
8 ) January is the LARGEST TRANSFER MONTH and you need to be on the market when they are looking in order to capture that buyer (hint, they shop during November and December).
9) With an accepted purchase agreement & closing now, you can DELAY POSSESSION TRANSFER until after the holidays if you need to.
10) When you sell during the winter, you have an opportunity to buy in the spring, when LOTS OF INVENTORY becomes available.
11) You may have fewer showings (which is a lot less hassle),  but your prospects are more qualified and motivated.
12) CORPORATE TRANSFEREES can’t wait to buy a home in the spring, so they pick from what’s on the market now.
13) Interest rates are at an ALL-TIME LOW.
14) Consumer confidence is ON THE RISE.
15) Sales prices are stabilizing, which means you’ve probably hit the bottom of your projected SALES PRICE, but also means you GET TO BUY AT THE BOTTOM.

Hmmmm, intriguing thoughts.  Thinking about it?  Let’s talk.  317.847.2695


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