Realtor or Therapist?

In my profession, I get to see great joy.  But lately, my calling has been to counsel; and sometimes I feel ill-equipped to provide comfort in the stories I hear.  Today,  I met with four different sellers.  Two literally wept at their kitchen tables due to financial strains beyond their control.  Strong, intelligent, well-meaning, sincere people – trapped in extenuating circumstances that seem impossible to turn around.  What can I say to comfort?  My heart just breaks.  Good people, losing their homes. How can I help them? At this point, I probably can’t save their homes, but I can help them get a new start and make the transition less abrupt than the sheriff’s unscheduled knock.  I have no answers for the greater problems, but I can listen, but somehow this doesn’t feel like enough.  Maybe I can provide the slightest bit of hope.  BTW, the third seller was a delight, but we have A LOT of work to do on that (very cool) home.  The 4th seller screamed at me because he didn’t like the offer I received on his home today.   THIS is my glamorous job.


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