A Story of SOLD on Tom Wood Automotive


I bought a Ford Flex a couple weeks ago from Tom Wood.  It was a great experience!  I told my sales rep BJ that I wanted a late-model RED Flex with a sun roof and leather, with low miles, that looked and smelled good.  I planned to trade in my Chrysler 300, and I gave him my budget.  That was a Monday morning. By Tuesday afternoon, my new Flex was en route from Louisville with an appointment for a sunroof install Wednesday morning.  I picked up the pretty little thing, which I now call Sexy Flexy, on that Wednesday evening.  Almost immediately, I realized there was a problem when I accelerated.  It didn’t feel like a transmission problem, more like a lack of fuel going to the engine.  It would skip a beat and then keep on rolling just fine.  It happened when the car was cold or warm, on short drives or long, usually between 40-50 mph.  At first I thought it had just got a bad tank of gas, but obviously, I was concerned.  So, I drove it for a while and then refilled the tank a couple times.  No improvement.  In fact, it seemed to get worse.  I was not at all pleased that I had to take my new-to-me ride into the shop, but I decided not to freak out immediately and just called up the dealer and scheduled a service drop.  I figured the best course of action was to find out what the problem was BEFORE I freaked out, THEN take up the fight.  So, that was last night.  This morning, a rep from Tom Wood called and told me it was a bad spark plug coil (or some other such techy car thing).  I wasn’t paying much attention to that part of the conversation, it was the $700 cost to repair it that got my attention.  Okay, not devastating as far as car repairs go, but I was none too pleased.  HOWEVER, I remained calm, we had a pleasant conversation, and before he got off the phone, he explained that my buddy Brian Moore, who works for Tom Wood, had got wind of the problem, argued my case all the way to the top, and that it was now in service, would be ready by the end of the day and that there would be no charge.  I was floored.  First of all, spark plug issues are not covered under the warranty.  But beyond that, I hadn’t even called Brian to freak out (yet.)  As far as I knew, he didn’t even know the car was in the shop.  Now, ladies and gentlemen, as you know, it’s not often one can get online and brag about a car dealer or the service you get from one, but I feel this is a message I had to share.  Not only was my vehicle fixed, free of charge, and ready in less then 24 hours, they sent a driver to pick me up at my office, washed it inside and out and filled the tank with gas.  AND they fixed the bend in the lovely Carpenter Realtors license plate that I had so proudly hung on the front of the vehicle just a week ago (right before I went through the carwash and got it all bent up).  I was just amazed.  I was amazed at the offer, and I was amazed that in a company as big as the Tom Wood group, that my buddy Brian would even know the car was there?  Wow!   I’m sure I can’t expect comped service every time I have a problem, but just this one time is good enough.  At least I have the vibe that they’ll take good care of me when I need to go back in the future.  All of us in sales should take note.  And if you’re thinking of a new or new-to-you vehicle purchase or are in need of service, Brian and the Tom Wood Automotive Group get my recommendation!  Just amazing.  And if you need Brian’s #, I’ll hook you up.  Thanks guys!   www.TomWood.com


One thought on “A Story of SOLD on Tom Wood Automotive

  1. That’s awesome Jennifer! You made the most valid point of all… It’s not about the problems you have with a company; it’s how they responded to the issue. Obviously they care about customer service. Which is something that’s hard to find in companies these days! Great testimonial. I’ll keep this in mind!

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