Maybe “It’s NOW or Never”?

Everybody’s thinking about moving “this spring.”  Well, I say, forget spring!  There’s no time like the present…literally.  Get your house on the market now! 

There are serious competitive advantages to expediting your thinking process.  For starters, our local inventory level is unbelieveably low.  Right now, we only have 264 houses on the market in Zionsville.  That’s it.  Across all price points, neighborhoods, townhouses and free-standing, farms and townies.  Unbelievable.  And every sub market across Indianapolis is like that from Traders Point to Irvington. 

Serious buyers have limited inventory to choose from, and who knows when the wind will blow another fresh batch of inventory onto the market for competition.  In the greater Indy market, we have 14,609 homes for sale.  Sound like a lot?  Think again, we peaked last year at around 24,000.  The second half of 2011 brought a major sell-off, and the rest of them just got frustrated and gave up “for the holidays.”  They’ll probably all come back up “in the spring.”

If you really want to stand out, choose to shirk the seasonal boons and go live sooner rather than later.  Odds are that before you close, the spring inventory ramp up will have begun, and you’ll be able to select from a vast stock.  Just thinking out loud, here.  

All the stats are looking up.  2012 IS rapidly becoming a good year in the real estate market.  If you want to know what to do to prepare your home, call me.  Today.  Let’s do this!


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