An Earned Award

The Zionsville Times Sentinel announced yesterday that Carpenter Realtors in Zionsville – TeamZ, as we call ourselves – was named “Zionsville’s Best Real Estate Office” for the third year in a row (by vote, from the readers of the newspaper).  We made the famed Z-List, again, because our friends, neighbors, customers and clients nominated and then voted for us. 

I’ve had 24 hours to ponder this news, and the more it sinks in, the more humbled and proud I am of my team for all they have accomplished during these last three, very difficult years in our industry.  We are not the oldest shop in town, nor are we the largest; but we are the hardest working, the most passionate, and the most creative.  That, I can assure you.  Give us tenure and the same ongoing work ethic, and we will become the oldest and the largest. 

For now, as we wrap up our 5th year of business, what’s important is that we are a TEAM.  And that can’t be said often in this crazy, vicious business.  

An office is just a building that houses people, and it is the people of TeamZ who won that award; not on the strength of one, but because of all.  And that spirit was evident today at our company award’s rally when our 2011 sales leader and top-performing rookie took the stage.  In a day-to-day world where Realtors snap at each other like sharks in a tank, TeamZ chose to cheer their friends on like we were one, big family. 

Congrats to Jeremy Page and Joni Bennett for their accomplishments last year, but congrats to the rest for encouraging them, snapping pictures and high-fiving them for their successes! 

Success comes and goes.  Each year is different.  Every year someone new will cross that stage, triumphant for having outsold or outlisted their officemates,  but THANK YOU to everyone on the team for valuing your friendships, for servicing and befriending your clients, for furthering the Carpenter brand in our community and making us proud, and for focusing on this year with determination in your eyes.  It’ll be fun to see who’s on stage next year!

Kudos to TeamZ for winning the award, but thank you for earning it!  You truly are “Zionsville’s Best Real Estate Office!”

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