JUST SOLD – 11313 North Sarah Lane, Mooresville

When Chuck & Logan found this little piece of paradise on a Sunday drive two years ago, they were certain it was to be their “forever home.” (Jennifer will always chuckle at the memory of that random, exuberant call one sunny Saturday afternoon:  “Jen, we have to buy this house!”)  But careers evolved, a baby was born, and a job in Ohio materialized that just could not be turned down.  As much as they adored their architecturally awesome home and acreage filled with fruit trees, Cincinnati beckoned, and Jennifer was called in to do the dirty work of selling it for them in preparation for their move.  This time the call was not so enthusiastic.  ‘Twas a sad day for Jennifer to hear her beloved clients were moving away, but she was honored to be trusted with the challenge.  The price was set, the marketing rolled out, an open house was scheduled, and her buyers were found at that very first open house.  A week later, the house was under contract at great terms, the closing date was set, an extraordinarily convenient rent-back was arranged for Chuck and Logan through June, and they were able to buy the next “forever home” in Ohio.  Jennifer wonders:  “how long is “forever” when it comes to housing?”


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