JUST SOLD – 657 Morningside Court, Zionsville

Ryan and Pamela wanted to downsize from his childhood home and start a family in a new home that felt more like “ours” vs “mine.”  Much work had to be done to prepare Morningside for the market, and Jennifer was called in to guide that process.  Absolutely nothing had been listed or sold in the neighborhood in recent years, so pricing was a challenge.  And the market was frustratingly quiet when they were finally ready to go live for showings in July 2011.  After several months on the market, 35 inconvenient showings under their belts, and lots of disappointments, their patience was waning.  To complicate matters, they hadn’t found their “dream home” yet, and they were frustrated and tired.  Jennifer helped to keep them focused, recommended price adjustments along the way, and never gave up on the hunt for their new home.  And finally, on one snowy Sunday in February, the buyer for their stately family home was found at an open house. Negotiations commenced, a sale was secured, and the hunt was on.  Ryan and Pamela’s story is more a trilogy than one, short story… but after a lot of harrowing cliff hangers and never-ending drama, that chapter was closed in early May, and Ryan and Pamela are the heroes!


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