JUST SOLD — 8107 Scarborough Court, Indianapolis

Ryan and Pamela had been on the hunt for a new home for over a year.  They were close to giving up, but their current house was sold, temporary housing was not really an option for their pets… A move loomed with time running out.  They didn’t want to settle for an “OK” house; they wanted a new home they could enjoy for years to come that would make all the effort of selling their current house worthwhile, and they were literally in the 11th hour of the deadline to avoid being homeless when 8107 Scarborough Court popped onto the market.  Jennifer had them in it before the pictures were even posted online, and it was “THE ONE!”  Everything about it was perfect, from the pool to the price!  And they bought it immediately.  The dual closings of their sale and purchase will remain as one of the biggest accomplishments Jennifer has earned in her decade in the real estate profession.  She will always remember the sheer joy around the table as two buyers and two sellers traded keys andsmiles with a twinkle in their eyes, looking forward to their big moves.


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