JUST SOLD – 648 Karen Drive, Zionsville

The Cravens wanted to buy Morningside Dr, but they couldn’t until their home on Karen Dr was sold.  The purchase of their dream home was as frozen as the ground in February when they put their home on the market, hoping for a quick sale that would enable them to make a quick purchase.  The home they longed for happened to be Jennifer’s listing, and it just so happened that Jennifer was working with a buyer, seeking exactly what the Cravens’ house offered.  “Perfect,” Jennifer thought, as she made a phone call to arrange the showing.  And before long, the sale was made.  Karen Dr. was sold.  The Cravens got to buy Morningside Dr.  And the Morningside sellers got to buy their dream home.  Jennifer admits that the month of April was one of the most stressful in her career, as all three of these properties worked through their respective inspections and appraisals; each sale dependent on the prior for it to work.  A a yeoman’s effort and a lot of sleepless nights resulted in a huge sense of accomplishment for Jennifer and a great tale for the next office sales meeting.


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