JUST SOLD – 11336 Brentwood Ave, Zionsville

When Jen & Jamie called Jennifer about selling 11336 Brentwood Avenue in Zionsville, they had their eyes on a rambling foreclosure that would perfectly suit their blended family (with a little TLC).  But securing their dream seemed an impossibility without a sale of Brentwood, and it wasn’t even on the market yet!  “Do you gamble?” Jennifer asked, as they talked through options to secure the distressed estate home.  They chuckled nervously, but they were all ears as Jennifer explained her plan to get an offer accepted by the bank and buy them time to get Brentwood sold, by gambling with delayed closing and a low amount of earnest money on the line.  All were nervous as they submitted the offer on the estate, won in a multiple bid scenario, and began to move forward with their due diligence period while Brentwood was introduced to the market.  Failing to sell Brentwood would mean a devastating fall through on the estate, plus the loss of the earnest money submitted, but the season was on their side, Brentwood was in a desirable neighborhood, and they were truly “motivated sellers.”  It worked.  After a flood of showings in the first week, Brentwood sold and closed in Mid-May.  Jennifer will breath again when the estate purchases closes mid-June, but with luck on her side, maybe a trip to the casino is in order?


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