JUST SOLD – 1771 Woodstock Drive, Brownsburg

There’s a saying in the real estate industry:  “birth, death, marriage and divorce…all good for business.”  Jennifer has always found that to be true.  Life changes,  in general, feed the revolving inventory of homes for sale.  New jobs, lost jobs, jobs in other towns, family disruptions and celebrations…they all bring about a need for adjustments to housing. In Scott and Jen’s case, they were engaged, so this was one of the HAPPY changes Jennifer gets to participate in, but when Jennifer helped Scott sell his first house back in 2008, it was just about change.  He wanted out from the burden of keeping up a mini-horse farm as a single guy.  He wanted to travel, start a business, invent his young life without an oppressive mortgage over his head.  Jennifer helped him out of that one with ease and earned the right years later to help him celebrate his new wife in a new home with a new, bright future ahead.  What a great honor for Jennifer to participate in the good, the bad, and all the changes that life throws her clients as they write their own life stories.  


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