JUST SOLD – 7716 Imperial Eagle Drive, Zionsville

David and Liz had just found out that baby #3 was on the way when they called Jennifer.  Their 3-bedroom rental simply would not be large enough for their expanding family, but they were in an air-tight lease through September.  Buying a new home with 6 months of rental obligation hanging over their head was simply not an option.  Being impatient to move before the new baby’s arrival, David asked Jennifer to help him buy a larger home with the caveat that the rental be leased simultaneously.  As always, Jennifer was up to the challenge.  She knew that rentals in Zionsville are few and far between… Finding a new tenant would be no problem.  She put the rental on the market, and the hunt for a 4-bedroom home was on.  It worked.  Three days after David and Liz moved into their brand new home in Eagles Nest, a new renter moved into their old one. In the end, Jennifer is proud to say she solved three problems at once– by providing a new home for David and Liz, a new tenant for their old landlord, and a home for his new renters.


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