JUST SOLD – 279 Larkspur Court, Zionsville

When Joan called Jennifer on a brisk afternoon in February, she was dreaming of warmer weather out west.  Her 30+ year home had become an anchor to Indiana, and she longed for a move to Arizona where her daughter and grandchildren waited.  Unfortunately, she’d been trying to sell her house off and on since 2006 with a variety of other brokers,  but their efforts had resulted in nothing more than frustration, one insulting offer, and fading hope.  Jennifer loves to be the last agent in, and it became her personal mission to make sure a moving truck was headed to Arizona before summer’s end!  But Joan was exhausted with the selling process.  She wasn’t up for more staging ideas, any more changes to the house or another stressful open house.  It was obvious this one would need special attention.  The house was reintroduced to the market on March 1st with careful attention.  After a handful of showings, two offers were produced.  The second was acceptable, and the packing began by the end of April.  It was a smooth transaction with Jennifer bird-dogging every detail along the way, and in the end, the closing was finished by mid-June, and the moving truck was headed west before summer officially began.  Jennifer loves it when she beats a deadline!


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