JUST SOLD – 5728 E Beechwood Avenue, Indianapolis

Kassi and Jacob were ready to own and tired of renting. When their lender referred them to Jennifer a couple months ago, Jennifer knew they’d hit it off well when they told her they wanted a historic home. One evening, they sat and talked about the entire buying process, from the hunt to the offer to the inspections to the closing. They were new to this, and had a lot of questions, but Jennifer knows the ropes. At the end of that chat, Kassi shyly pulled a printout of an intriguing house out of her purse. It was a big, rambling home in Irvington. It looked too good to be true at that list price. Jennifer scheduled an appointment to tour it with them immediately, and it exceeded expectations! It had been owned by the same family for over 50 years, and while it needed some cosmetic updates, it had been well maintained; and they just couldn’t pass it up. With one round of counter offers, the deal was sealed and they moved toward closing. It turned out to be one of the smoothest transactions Jennifer has ever managed. Their expectations of the old home were realistic, the sellers were delightful, their agent was great to work with, the loan process was unusually smooth due to the lender’s excellent work, and the hardest part about that deal was the wait to close. But Kassi and Jacob got the keys just in time to spend their July 4th making their new house a home.


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