JUST SOLD – 7525 E 550 S, Zionsville

Jamie and Jennifer wanted to claim a gigantic country estate in Zionsville and make it their own. It was bank-owned and a mess, but they had the vision. They also had a problem, because they had a house to unload before they could buy again. Banks won’t accept contingent offers, so the horse HAD to come before the cart (or the egg before the chicken). Panic was mounting as price reductions on the dream house ticked down nearly every week, which obviously increased activity on it. They were going to have to step out on a limb and do a bit of gambling on this one. Jennifer wrote an offer for a delayed closing, not contingent on the sale of their existing house, knowing full well that if she didn’t get the current house sold QUICKLY, they would not be able to close on their purchase, and their earnest money would be forfeited to the bank. Yikes. Losing is never an acceptable option for Jennifer, but moving in faith is, so it HAD to work! The current house was prepared and  priced to sell! She got it sold and closed a month earlier than necessary, and the bank owning the estate was none the wiser. Jamie and Jennifer were free to move forward with the rehab financing for their dream house, and they got to close on their purchase last week. Jennifer had held their breath for three months while it all fell into place, but this will go down as one of her greatest accomplishments. Now to the contractor responsible for that rehab…it’s in your hands, and Jennifer cannot wait to see the finished product!

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