JUST SOLD – 315 W Walnut St, Zionsville

Almost two years ago, Jennifer’s client turned her eyes to a pre-civil war house right on Jennifer’s own block. It was just the perfect fit for Susan, but the house was tied up in a grueling short sale quagmire with two banks holding insurmountable liens on it. An offer was submitted, but it languished indefinitely while the banks fought about who got what out of the sale. Ultimately, it went through the foreclosure process and to sheriff’s sale. No buyer claimed it, so the first mortgagor took possession of it. Then it sat and sat and sat until it popped up on the market as a foreclosure six months later. Conveniently and oddly, it had new carpet and paint and a new furnace, and priced almost $40,000 more than Susan had offered the year before. So, she sat,watched, waited, and wondered if she was meant to own it at all. They watched the price reductions tick down over and again until it was listed right at the offer she had submitted previously with the improvements completed. She pounced, submitting a new offer for even less than before. It was accepted, and she closed this month! While that was not the easiest sale, for a variety of reasons, it is by far Jennifer’s favorite sale to date because of the way it worked out in the end. And since Susan is surely Jennifer’s most favored clients EVER, she is thrilled to have her moving in across the street…someday!

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