A Story From The Trenches

This isn’t a Story of Sold (yet), but it’s a good one! I was out showing condos in downtown Indy today. My clients and I went into a very cool old building in a trendy section of downtown Indy, near 11th and College. The unit we were there to see was on the third floor, so we took the stairs, to encounter a fancy set of double doors next to a small single door that looked like a storage unit. We opted to try the keys I’d pulled from the lockbox in the lobby on the big doors, after all, you’d expect a $400,000 condo to have a decent entry, right? Seemed like the right decision when the door opened, so we went right on in. After all, we had an appointment. Super nice unit, huge, but sparsely furnished and decorated with pizza boxes, empty bottles of wine and several pair of very large tennis shoes. I assumed it was tenant occupied, so overlooked the poor staging. We all heard the shower running at the same time, and froze. Someone was home! Yikes! What to do? We had an appointment! So we backed out into the hall and closed the door and waited a minute. When we heard movement, we knocked a few times until a very very tall, dripping wet and super cute guy came to the door with toothbrush in hand. When we told him about our scheduled showing, he laughed and said it was the unit with the little door and people confused it all the time. Flustered, I tried the key in the little door, and it worked too? Turns out that was the back door of the unit we were there to see, and the unit was oh, so urban-contemporary cool! But that’s not the story. When I got home, I called the listing broker to tell her that a) she needs to provide better direction on WHICH unit is for sale, and b) the key opens both units! That’s when she told me she thought the neighbor was a Pacer. So I looked up the roster, and would you believe I walked in on a freshly-showered Tyler Hansborough this morning!


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