JUST SOLD – 6021 Tybalt Circle, Indianapolis


Michelle was on the hunt for a house when she called Jennifer about one of her listings.  It was a clean little cutie on the NW side of Indy, but it already had an accepted offer and and was set to close shortly.  Jennifer suggested a couple nice, comparable properties to Michelle, and they toured them together that week.  It seemed the pair would work well together, so Jennifer hooked Michelle up with an awesome lender for a first-time buyer loan, and it wasn’t long before the perfect house had been found and the perfect loan approved.  The negotiations commenced, and after a few rounds of counters, Michelle’s dream home was secured, complete with the appliances and brand new paint and flooring.  They sailed through the inspections, the appraisal and parental approval, and a closing date was set.  Michelle and her son now have a place to call home with a monthly mortgage that is far less expensive than she was paying in rent due to the attractive loan terms she was able to acquire.  This is one of the stories that makes Jennifer’s job the joy it is.  Buying a first home is one of those landmark life events that Jennifer delights in making happen!


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