JUST SOLD – 260 West Cedar St, Zionsville

The sale of 260 W Cedar is the finale in a three-part series that is one of Jennifer’s proudest career accomplishments to date.  You might recall the tale of Jamie & Jen, who had coveted a rambling foreclosure in the country, but had two homes to sell first in order to blend their families?  They had taken a gamble in purchasing the foreclosure, had won it in a multiple bid scenario, and had earnest money on the line.  Jennifer HAD to get ONE of the two current homes sold in order for them to buy the foreclosure, or they would have had to forfeit their earnest money, which was simply not acceptable.  She got it done when she sold Jen’s home in Coventry Ridge in less than 30 days.  Then she got the foreclosure purchase done.  And that left Cedar St as the last to go.  She got that done, too!  The perfect buyer was found.  It wasn’t the easiest transaction, or the smoothest (the historic ones rarely are easy), but it closed!  And now Jamie and Jen are free to concentrate on the behemoth they are rehabbing…and loving every minute of it.  And Jennifer cannot wait to see the finished product (or hit the casino with her new-found luck at gambling).


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