SOLD! 456 Anywhere Street, Indianapolis

The sale of 456 Anywhere Street was full of cliffhangers and twists from beginning to end, with colorful characters in every role.  The time had come to sell this long-time family homestead and once the repairs and updates were completed, it hit the market in the fall, just in time for the seasonal slow down.  Sixty-seven exhausting showings gave way to three offers in early spring.  The first was laughably rejected.  The second was accepted, but later fell apart because the buyers’ sale in Brownsburg crashed.  Then, surprisingly, the first buyers came back with an offer that could be considered and was ultimately accepted.  Buyers with unique personalities made the transaction a challenge.  Sellers in different locations with differing agenda didn’t make it any easier.  The buyers’ agent relocated to the west coast mid-transaction, and a death in the midst of it all left Jennifer feeling as though the transaction was doomed.  It wasn’t.  Jennifer has often said her sole mission is to get them closed once they’re pended.  She did.  And with great relief that THAT ONE is done.


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