SOLD – 9764 Lakewood Drive, Zionsville

9764 Lakewood DriveRoger and Beth were just about finished raising their children.  It was time to downsize from their six bedrooms home to something a little more manageable and less costly.  One would think that a large, family home like that would be a rare commodity and a quick sale… but sometimes Jennifer gets surprised by the market and it took a bit longer than expected to find that one ready, willing and able buyer.  Eleven months, in fact.  Apparently, there aren’t many buyers out there who need a home this big!  But Jennifer did not give up!  And neither did Roger and Beth.  She kept up the advertising, hosted innumerable open houses, showed the house umpteen times, and chased every lead.  In the end, it worked, and an acceptable offer was received.  When the sale closed in the fall, Roger and Beth were elated.  The timing worked out pretty well for them, in the end, as the longer time on market allowed one of their children the opportunity to reside there until a job was secured on the west coast.  Jennifer was once again reminded that persistence pays off, though patience is is a trait she is still learning!


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