SOLD! 4614 Summersong Road, Zionsville

Summersong RoadJack and Marnie were spending more and more time at their lake house in Michigan.  Their home in Zionsville was easy-enough to maintain, but an unnecessary anchor and expense, so they called Jennifer to get it sold.  What a delight their beautiful home in Ravinia was!  The marketing rolled out strategically, the house was priced appropriately, and within 4 days the first offer was received.  It wasn’t a bad offer, not quite acceptable, but workable.  Before responding to that offer, Jennifer called some folks who’d also seen the house that week and let them know that they needed to make their intentions known – and fast – if they were interested!  The very next morning, a second offer was received, and this one was ABOVE the list price.  Well, you can imagine how that turned out.  The appraisal and the inspections commenced, Jennifer had to do some fast work collecting bids for minor, unknown defects, but they were able to find a compromise on the repairs that suited all the parties.  It closed earlier this month.  While Jennifer is sad to see Jack and Marnie leave Zionsville, she is quite proud of her success on their behalf, and she knows that if they ever return, she’s earned their business in the future, and hopefully that of their local friends.


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