SOLD! 7968 Eagle Valley Pass, Indianapolis

7968 Eagle Valley PassBruce had sold his home with Jennifer a few years prior. After a “breather” from home ownership while he launched a new career, the thrill of living with his sister had worn off. He’d been out of the house hunt for over 15 years, and a lot had changed!  Jennifer told him about an incredible loan offered by National Bank of Indianapolis, and with the approval letter in hand, they were on the hunt for the perfect house. Bruce had a list of possibilities that was near endless, but it was the last one they walked into that captured his heart. And, what a deal it was!  A free-standing condo, tucked against a tree line, in a conveniently-located neighborhood with a pool and tennis courts.  He HAD to have it!  The place had been on the market for a while, Jennifer was feeling confident that she could snag him the deal of the century.  They wrote the offer right there on the living room floor, and it was submitted before the sun set.  And it was ACCEPTED by noon the next day.  You just never really know what a seller can or will do, and it never hurts to push the envelope as long as expectations are realistic from the get-go.  Sometimes Jennifer gets the joy of saying “I can’t believe they accepted your offer!”  Bruce moved in a couple of months ago, and has been hurriedly making it his own, which Jennifer knows from past experience, will be AMAZING!


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