JUST SOLD! 9044 Dewberry Court, Indianapolis

9044 DewberryDarryl and Becky were on the house hunt when they called Jennifer about one of her listings in Pike Township.  She met them there, they hit it off, though that particular house wasn’t quite the right fit.  For a little over a year, the three viewed properties from time to time that just didn’t end up fitting their needs.  Nothing really rang their bells in all that time, until they walked into 9044 Dewberry and knew it was “THE ONE.”  A little vision for fresh paint and some swift negotiations is all it took for Darryl and Becky to secure their dream home.  The inspections went smoothly, the appraisal sailed through, and the lender Jennifer had connected them with was ready a week early.  It was a dream transaction for all parties involved!  Today, the new paint is really improving the feel of that home, Darryl and Becky are moving in and spreading out in a nice, big home in the perfect location.  Twas the Friday before Christmas when they closed, and all three knew their chance encounter was a gift that would made the New Year sparkle!


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