SOLD! 4614 Summersong Road, Zionsville

Summersong RoadJack and Marnie were spending more and more time at their lake house in Michigan.  Their home in Zionsville was easy-enough to maintain, but an unnecessary anchor and expense, so they called Jennifer to get it sold.  What a delight their beautiful home in Ravinia was!  The marketing rolled out strategically, the house was priced appropriately, and within 4 days the first offer was received.  It wasn’t a bad offer, not quite acceptable, but workable.  Before responding to that offer, Jennifer called some folks who’d also seen the house that week and let them know that they needed to make their intentions known – and fast – if they were interested!  The very next morning, a second offer was received, and this one was ABOVE the list price.  Well, you can imagine how that turned out.  The appraisal and the inspections commenced, Jennifer had to do some fast work collecting bids for minor, unknown defects, but they were able to find a compromise on the repairs that suited all the parties.  It closed earlier this month.  While Jennifer is sad to see Jack and Marnie leave Zionsville, she is quite proud of her success on their behalf, and she knows that if they ever return, she’s earned their business in the future, and hopefully that of their local friends.


SOLD – 9764 Lakewood Drive, Zionsville

9764 Lakewood DriveRoger and Beth were just about finished raising their children.  It was time to downsize from their six bedrooms home to something a little more manageable and less costly.  One would think that a large, family home like that would be a rare commodity and a quick sale… but sometimes Jennifer gets surprised by the market and it took a bit longer than expected to find that one ready, willing and able buyer.  Eleven months, in fact.  Apparently, there aren’t many buyers out there who need a home this big!  But Jennifer did not give up!  And neither did Roger and Beth.  She kept up the advertising, hosted innumerable open houses, showed the house umpteen times, and chased every lead.  In the end, it worked, and an acceptable offer was received.  When the sale closed in the fall, Roger and Beth were elated.  The timing worked out pretty well for them, in the end, as the longer time on market allowed one of their children the opportunity to reside there until a job was secured on the west coast.  Jennifer was once again reminded that persistence pays off, though patience is is a trait she is still learning!

JUST SOLD – 4185 E Main St, Carmel

4185 E Main St, CarmelIn 2009, Malcom and Janet downsized from their palatial, contemporary home in Carmel for an easier lifestyle in a maintained community in Fishers.  But for three years, they’d tried in vain to sell the vacant property through various high-profile real estate agents.  Though Jennifer did not know them personally, when the listing expired yet again, she sent them a note and asked for an interview.  And when they did call, she knew their prospects for getting that house sold would improve.  The house was unique.  It would need a special buyer to love the 50’s styling, the indoor pool and the 7000+ square feet of living space it offered.  It would also need a buyer willing to take on the care and maintenance of 2+ acres.  But the condition was excellent, and the location superb.  Jennifer was certain she could get the job done, so she took it on, tweaked the price, rolled the advertising and started scheduling showings.  Three offers later, a deal was struck which ultimately closed just before Christmas.  With properties such as this, Jennifer always takes a different approach from that of her peers.  She lists it with the goal of selling it, and she works it…hard…until the job is done.  If you have a tough one, call Jennifer.  She’ll be the last agent you need.