SOLD – 6068 Pillory Drive, Indianapolis

pillory6068 Pillory Dr was a hard one for Jennifer, because she had to deliver the news she does not like to ever deliver to sellers.  This neighborhood had sustained brutal quantities of foreclosures and shortsales in the prior 2 years.  Some 35+ homes were on the the market at that moment, and supply and demand dictated a sales price that would generate a dreadful loss on the sale in order to make that big move to the new job in St. Louis.  They were young, it was their first house, they’d bought it without representation, and they’d overpaid at the peak of the market six years prior.  Not fun news for Jennifer to deliver on a Saturday morning, but they were not surprised.  They’d been watching their neighborhood, they had a feeling the news wouldn’t be good, and they had prepared themselves financially, because the job waiting in St Louis was career-changing and promised a rewarding future.  Absorbing the loss now, freed them up to spread their wings and head west.  Sigh.  Jennifer listed the house at the appropriate price for the market, began the marketing, showed it enough to generate an offer, and then helped them negotiate the terms to protect as much equity as they possibly could.  The timing was perfect, too, because the house never had to sit empty.  The job was secured, the moving truck was packed, they closed via mail a week later, and their new life began with a lesson learned…when buying in the future, get representation from a strong Realtor who knows the local market to avoid over-paying!


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