SOLD – 1825 E 100 S, Zionsville

1825 E 100 SJerry and Sarah were thinking about their future when they spotted a little ranch for sale across the field from their son’s home.  They’d come to the realization that,
perhaps, their family homestead of 50+ years might become more than they could
manage in future years.  It might be wise to pick up an easy-to-live-in
home close to family, while home prices were still favorable, that they could
rent out for a few years and eventually move into when the time came.
They called Jennifer to schedule a showing and promptly decided it would
be a good fit. The location just couldn’t be beat, and it
was a very manageable home!  So, Jennifer began the negotiations and a
closing date was set.  While they were waiting to close, Jennifer found a
tenant for them. Within 24 hours of their ownership, the new house became
occupied by an exceptional renter without a moment wasted!  While Jennifer
hopes Jerry and Sarah don’t find it necessary to move in the eminent future,
she is happy to know that one part of their plan is in place for that
inevitable day!


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