SOLD – 132 Prairie Parkway, Brownsburg

Brent and Lana are building themselves a portfolio of rental properties that are nice, clean, safe, and affordable for the residents of Brownsburg. They trust Jennifer to help132 Prairie them locate those with the highest rate of potential return and the least headache.  It is a great honor for Jennifer to work with repeat clients who have been happy with her knowledge and service over and again.  Repeat clients and referrals from happy customers are what drives her business, and she knows it will be what sustains her business over the course of her career.  She never knows what will come from any one transaction, but she knows they all need to be handled like family.  Brent and Lana closed on their newest acquisition a couple of months ago, and it was rented within two weeks.  It is a great addition to their portfolio, and Jennifer knows that when they are ready to add another, they’ll trust her to handle it!


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