SOLD – 1705 S 825 E, Zionsville

1705 S 825 E landDustin and Stephanie had virtually stole a piece of land with Jennifer a few years prior.  Their initial plan had been to build, but when the two agreed to disagree on what and when and how much to build, they decided to sell it and buy an existing house they could both agree on.  Jennifer was called in to do the deed, but the sale of land is something she always approaches nervously, because it can be a bit challenging.  Financing for new construction can be an issue.  There aren’t as many venues to advertise vacant land as there are for existing homes (there aren’t as many buyers, either!) and it can be difficult to price with few comparative sales in a specific market area.  But she rolled it out and waited…all of 5 days!  An acceptable, profitable offer was received from a buyer with cash in hand, and the deal was done.  Dustin and Stephanie ended up with a lot of extra cash to apply toward the utterly PERFECT country home Jennifer helped them buy.  Here lies a reminder to Jennifer to just go with your gut, do what you know to do to the best of your ability, and pray.


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