SOLD – 7913 Mallard Landing, Indianapolis

7913 Mallard LandingDave had a new job in Greencastle.  The commute from the Eagle Creek area of Indianapolis was getting old, so he and Sandy decided to relocate their residence, and that’s where Jennifer came in.  Their home was lovely!  A few tweaks by Jennifer’s trusted contractors, and that place was ready for the market in time for an early spring launch.  They experienced an unprecedented quantity of showings in a short time! When the first offer was received, a counter was prepared and presented on a Saturday morning.  It seemed doubtful that the buyer would respond reasonably,  as the offer started really low… so Jennifer went ahead and held the Sunday open house that was already scheduled.  Turns out, the buyer was jealous when he drove by that Sunday and saw all those people in “his house,” and he accepted the counter immediately!  Dave is no longer making that incredibly lengthy daily commute, and Jennifer was reminded to never count your chickens before they hatch. Who knows what would have happened if she’d taken that Sunday off prematurely?


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