SOLD – 8675 Meridian Square, Indianapolis

8675 Meridian SquareRhonda was just about finished with some coursework that would give her the opportunity to relocate for a new job, and she knew the stumbling block to that relocation might be the mortgage on her town home.  She’d had it on the market with another broker for six months when she called in Jennifer, and she was frustrated and worn out by poor marketing and lack of attention.  Jennifer knew exactly what she needed to do differently to make the fine town home stand out among the competition.  She wrote descriptive copy that made it clear why Rhonda’s home was the one to buy, she encouraged Rhonda to tweak the list price to hit an important price break that would attract more showings, and she launched an aggressive advertising campaign.  Rhonda did an amazing job preparing the property for those showings, and Jennifer started bringing prospective buyers through in short order.  In SEVEN days, an acceptable offer was received and a closing date set! The timing was perfect for Rhonda’s move, and the new buyer got a household of furniture that Rhonda didn’t wish to move with her.  The whole deal was smooth and happy, and Jennifer was thrilled to write another story of sold.


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