SOLD – 6329 Latona Court, Indianapolis

latonaJimmy was ready to buy his first house.  Not just any house… he wanted an investment; a great price on a good property in a smart location that needed some sweat equity and could be the first in his well-developed and well-funded plan to upgrade and improve his way to financial stability.  Hmmm.  The market was quickly recovering.  Distress sales were getting scarce.  Jimmy needed help to locate and secure the right deal so he could get to work.  Time was of the essence whenever a good candidate hit the market, and he got beat out on a few possibilities as the market was in an unexpected frenzy at that time, but Jennifer kept on the hunt.  Within a few weeks, the perfect opportunity presented itself and they did not hesitate to submit the offer.  The inspections revealed the house was structurally sound and a face lift is all it needed.  Properties around it were selling at record prices.  Jimmy closed his purchase in April, and the project is moving right along.   It’ll be fun for Jennifer to see (and sell) the finished project!

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