SOLD – 10936 Lemongrass Drive, Zionsville

10936 LemongrassThe addition of baby #3 made 10936 Lemongrass Drive a tight fit for Michael & Kristin’s family of 5.  It had been an awesome home for them in the early years of their marriage, but the family expansion demanded more space, and the momentum of the spring housing market made the timing perfect for their move up in size.  Jennifer helped the new parents prepare and price their house for a quick sale, and the marketing began.  Within 12 days, two offers were presented.  The strongest offer was selected, and the closing date was set.  The sale sailed through the inspection and appraisal process, and the Carys got to start their own house hunt.  Now, that’s another story, but it also has a happy ending.  Lemongrass is now closed, with new occupants, and the Carys have spread out in their new home with space for everyone


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