SOLD – 8927 Winterberry Court, Zionsville

8927 WinterberryJennifer met James and Sarah at an open house this spring.  She was a little surprised when James told her he “didn’t like Realtors.”  “Neither do I,” she replied with a chuckle, but she showed them the house, with all its selling points, and sent them on their way with well wishes for a lovely summer.  She must have left a favorable impression, because several months later, Sarah called and asked her to help them sell their beautiful home in Spring Knoll.  They’d decided to build a custom home elsewhere in Zionsville, and now the family home of 10+ years needed to be sold, as the new house was nearing completion.  James was focused on a quick sale, so Jennifer gave them her best tips for preparing the home for the market, helped them price the house effectively, and rolled out the marketing.  The house on Winterberry sold in 26 days! Their closing coincided perfectly with their move to the new house, and the whole situation could not have worked out any better.  In the end, Jennifer earned a new fan AND a referral, because later in the year, she got to sell their neighbors’ house, too!

SOLD – 567 Viburnum Run, Westfield

567 Viburnum WayErin and Chad were tired of renting and exhausted by house hunting alone when they stumbled into Jennifer’s open house one Sunday afternoon last spring.   They had a lot of questions about the home buying process and were simply not finding what they were looking for in a home.  Fortunately, Jennifer had the answers and a list of properties that met their needs.  Within a matter of weeks, a super deal was struck on their dream home in Westfield.  The sale closed, and the weary couple finally got to move into a beautiful new home… just in time for their young children to enjoy the pool and parks and transfer to a new school.  They learned that it pays to trust a professional in the home buying process, and Jennifer was reminded that open houses are always full of surprises!

SOLD – 2429 Ash Court, Avon

2429 Ash CtWhen Nick and Amanda built 2429 Ash Court in southwest Avon a few years ago, they were certain it would be their last move.  They built it exactly how they dreamed a home should be and spared no expense on the finishes and systems they had installed.  But then a new job opportunity in Castleton materialized for Amanda, and the commute took its toll.  And that’s when they called Jennifer…again.  Jennifer had helped them sell two homes prior, and she was excited to have earned the opportunity to help them move a third time! This sale did not prove to be as quick as any of them hoped, but Jennifer helped them evaluate the market and decide when and how to finish their basement for maximum impact.  The market improved, the finished basement helped, and an offer soon materialized that closed this summer.  Now Nick and Amanda are back on the north side with a much less painful drive to work every day!

SOLD – 123 Coombs St, Lebanon

downloadJennifer received a call late one evening from a very emotional homeowner.  She had quite a tale to tell of numerous failed attempts to refinance or have her loan modified and she’d come home from work that night to find a foreclosure notice on the door.  She didn’t understand the process or what to do next.  Illness had ravaged her finances, and Bank of America had being less then cooperative (which is no surprise to Jennifer!), but the bank had referred her to Jennifer for a short sale.  (Jennifer is on their list of Certified Short Sale Specialists in the Boone County market.)  Short sales are never a joy, because the stories behind them are sad, but Jennifer knows they are a necessary evil and takes pride in her ability to help guide and protect the homeowners as they make the best of a difficult situation. Jennifer helped Karen understand her options and explained why short sales are the best long-term solution to an inevitable end.  They agreed to list the house so that Karen could control her move date and participate in an incentive program through the Federal Government that would put some cash in her pocket to finance the move. In the end, the sale worked out well, and Karen was able to move to a great apartment with $5000 in her pocket, which helped offset the cost of storage and movers and security deposits. This was a sad sale for Jennifer.  She empathized with the frustration Karen felt at losing her long-term home, but the ending was better than it could have been when the foreclosure was avoided.  Karen’s health is much improved, she’s out from under a house that was over mortgaged, and she no longer has to worry with the upkeep on a historic house that was simply too much for her.  All things considered, it was a good ending to another Story of Sold.

SOLD – 4913 Melbourne Road, Indianapolis

4913 Melbourne RdThe Johns family had already outgrown their comfy home in Pike Township when baby #4 was announced, so the time was right and the schedule tight for a move in the summer of 2013.  Jennifer had a listing nearby that appealed to them; a spacious, clean house in a nice neighborhood that was priced well because the sellers had fallen on hard times. It was a perfect fit, but how to juggle the sale of Melbourne and the purchase of their new home on a schedule that made sense to a pregnancy already in month seven?  “We’ll figure it out,” Lucas said.  “Let’s just get Melbourne on the market and get the new house under contract and go from there.” Jennifer secured an accepted purchase agreement for them, then focused on Melbourne.  It needed to be cleaned up a bit, purged, staged and priced to sell in a short amount of time, but not so soon that they were homeless before they were ready to close on the short sale they had to wait on.  The long and the short of how all that worked out is that Jennifer knew an investor who was snapping up nice homes for their rental portfolio.  She made one call and Melbourne was under contract at a fair price with a flexible close schedule that could accommodate the acquisition and move into the larger home.  And the new baby arrived a month later.  Whew!  Jennifer hasn’t had a family homeless yet, and she finds it fun to see how things always seem to work out.

JUST SOLD – 15311 Clear Street, Noblesville

15311 Clear StreetDonna needed to downsize from the beautiful, lake-front home she had enjoyed for two decades, but she was retired and had more equity in her current home than she had access to a new loan for a purchase.  And she had a lot of “stuff” to move, so she preferred to secure a new home before she sold her current house. Jennifer helped her understand and acquire a reverse mortgage against the equity in her current house, and then the two hit the road on the house hunt. There were several options available, but the one that stood out was a newer ranch on Clear Street in Noblesville.  It was a spotless, lovely home with a great, open floor plan and a kitchen perfect for family gatherings.  A purchase agreement was negotiated, and a closing date set.  Jennifer gave Donna some good contacts to help her get the current house organized and purged as she prepared to move.  An auctioneer helped her clear out A LOT of stuff, and the movers took care of the rest.  The lake-front home was sold in no time, a huge chuck of the reverse mortgage paid off, and now Donna is in the right home with no monthly overhead!

JUST SOLD – 4029 Oak Trail Drive, Indianapolis

4029 Oak Trail DrDick and Jean had an interest in one of Jennifer’s listings (1167 S Vicksburg Dr).  It had already been sold when they called her about it, but she knew the market and suggested a few other possibilities in the same genre of low-maintenance patio homes.  The suggestions she made to Jean sounded intriguing, so the couple accepted Jennifer’s invitation to tour a few of them with her.  “You’re the first realtor who has actually returned our calls,” Jean said.  Jennifer was not surprised.  They spent a fun afternoon looking at homes and found one that was just about perfect.  An offer was prepared, ultimately accepted and the couple moved in short order.  Jean teased Dick that it was “about time!” He had been promising to buy her a house for 17 years!  Closings like that are always fun, and this was a smooth, pleasant transaction.