SOLD – 6815 Woodhaven Place, Zionsville

6815 Woodhaven PlTom and Connie were moving to Tennessee!  Grandbabies were calling, and there simply was no reason to remain in Zionsville.  They wanted to be a Story of Sold, so they called Jennifer to help them sell their lovely, lovely home in the Enclave.  The actual sale of the house was comical, but successful.  Jennifer guided her anxious sellers through about 8 rounds of counters from a very challenging buyer, but it eventually pended and headed to inspections.  That’s where it got tricky.  The inspector picked apart the well-maintained, 9-year-old house, which resulted in a fairly inflammatory list of repair requests that could have been the death of that transaction.  Jennifer helped Tom and Connie remain calm, called on the expertise of her trusted contractors and got through it, finding a fair compromise between buyer and seller.  The transaction was air tight, and it DID close – on time, on good terms, and on a perfect schedule for Tom and Connie to move right into their brand new house in Tennessee.  Over the years, Jennifer has learned to STAY CALM, work through it, and never let them see you sweat!


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