SOLD – 6827 Winding Bend Drive, McCordsville

6827 Winding Bend DrB.J. is Jennifer’s favorite car guy.  He helps her find the best deals on the best cars in his role as a sales rep for the Tom Wood Group.  When it came time for he and his wife Kalyn to buy a home, their roles reversed and Jennifer’s accepted the challenge to find them a house that was close for both their commutes, in excellent condition, and offered the potential to be a showplace!  The right house was available in McCordsville, but two other offers were received at the time the Knapke’s submitted their offer!  The irony was frustrating, as the house had been on the market for 1000+ days before their interest materialized.  It is never fun for Jennifer to be in a multiple offer situation, but she helped them write a strong offer to beat out the competition and secure the house.  It worked!  And despite a few hiccups in the inspection, the Knapke’s got to take possession of their dream house in short order!

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