JUST SOLD – 2505 N Eaton Avenue, Indianapolis

MontgomeriesJennifer’s relationship with Bill and Carolyn dates back to the early days of her real estate career in Indiana.  Their home on the west side of Indy was one of Jennifer’s first listings, and she’d been able to sell that one in short order, despite a depressed neighborhood and a declining house market. So when it came time for her treasured past clients to buy again, they called upon her for assistance. The home she helped them buy was perfect for them…spacious, clean, wheel chair accessible, and close to their doctors. The problem started with an idiot for an appraiser.  The first appraisal came in at 10% off purchase price!  The sellers were distressed, Jennifer was flabbergasted, and Bill and Carolyn were crushed. After the appraiser refused to consider the supporting data Jennifer presented, she decided to take the matter all the way to the Veterans Administration.  Jennifer put together an iron-clad argument supporting value and demanded a second appraisal.  The VA assigned a field representative to review the argument Jennifer presented, and ultimately adjusted the appraisal value to the purchase price.  How often do you win a fight with the government?  The process took a couple extra weeks, but Bill and Carolyn closed on their purchase in early September, and the sellers just raved to Jennifer at the closing table in gratitude for her efforts.  Most importantly, Bill and Carolyn are now in a safe, lovely home that meets 100% of their needs, and Jennifer learned that it IS worth it to fight a bad appraisal.


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