SOLD – 9660 N 650 E, Pittsboro

9660 N 650 EJennifer had the most challenging client of her life when she listed
9660 N 650 E.  She spent months helping that little lady purge out a
lifetime of furniture, clothing and clearance sale treasures to
prepare that house for the market.  Slightly intimidating was the fact
that the seller had spent four decades training real estate agents to
be successful (and cleaning up their messes when they weren’t).  Not
only did she have a high need to sell this house before winter set in,
she also had a bossy son who called Jennifer daily to bust her chops
because he was tired of taking care of the house and land.  “But don’t
give it away,” he barked at the end of every phone call.  It didn’t
help that this was not exactly a run-of-the-mill property.  It needed
a buyer who could fill a 7-bedroom house and make use of eight acres;
and it needed someone who could tame the poison ivy that was rapidly
taking over the trees.  After about a zillion open houses and too many
showings to count, a relocating botanist with six kids came along as a
blessing in the form of a buyer, and Jennifer’s mom and brother
couldn’t have been more pleased to sell it to him.  Haha!  This sale
was actually a family matter for Jennifer, and it was all very
congenial, but it certainly wasn’t easy for a pro-bono sale!


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