SOLD – 9018 Stonewick Circle, Zionsville

9018 StonewickScott & Diane were ready to downsize from the large family home they’d enjoyed for decades. They were also hoping to upgrade to something newer, with open rooms and higher ceilings. A ranch with a basement, on a small lot, in a good neighborhood, with plentiful neighbors and areas for walking. They wanted fashionable colors, granite surfaces, and hardwoods. They wanted to trade their lumbering family home in for something sleek and classy, with minimal maintenance. Would you believe they found it in a foreclosure? That’s right! A bank repo! The condition was excellent. The bank had actually had the interior freshly painted and carpeted before it was listed for sale. It was just a few years old, so it had all the architectural features they were looking for, including a basement. It was in exactly the perfect location and a recent price reduction made it the perfect ending to their search. Of course, the closing was rocky. Banks are not always the easiest to work with. But Jennifer kept it on track, and they closed on time. And just a few weeks later, Jennifer sold their big, ol’ house to a new family, who was eager to make it their home for the next several decades.



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