SOLD – 9323 Sullivan Place Zionsville

Sullivan PlMultiple decades in Indiana had Gail aching for friends and family at home in Louisiana, but her lovely Zionsville home had to be sold before she could find peace in her new life.  That turned out to be an exercise in patience for Jennifer AND Gail!  The house was gorgeous, but extremely custom, and was not the product of universal appeal that turns a quick sale.  Though it was in spectacular condition, buyer interest eluded them for more months than either care to recall.  There were several near-misses:  one prospective buyer completed a full inspection before writing an offer, but then disappeared (though the inspection was nearly perfect!).  Then there was that offer they couldn’t get put together, despite Jennifer’s tireless attempt to keep it alive from a mission trip in Mexico!  And there were many, many showings and open houses.  It was a true mystery, but Jennifer didn’t quit.  Eventually Gail went on down to Louisiana and left the property in her hands.  Despite the sub-zero temperatures and the changing seasons, Jennifer kept on keeping on until a legitimate third prospect materialized and a deal was struck.  While this was definitely not Jennifer’s fastest or easiest sale, the story does have a happy ending.  A successful closing occurred that left everybody sighing with relief.  Even when they’re not easy, Jennifer is the real estate agent who will never give up.


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